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Name:Fans of Ada Palmer's Too Like the Lightning
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Do you love Ada Palmer's Hugo Finalist novel Too Like the Lightning? Then you've come to the right place: Share your fanfics (please!), share fan art (pretty please!), recruit people for your RPG, get meta about your nation-strat and other affinities, or just hang out with other people who love this book.

Too Like the Lightning: No need for spoiler warnings, though you can if you want to.
Seven Surrenders: Use spoiler warnings and cut tags until 5 December 2017.
The Will to Battle: Use spoiler warning and cut tags until 5 June 2018 (especially if you're fortunate enough to get an ARC).

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ada palmer, blacklaw, cousins, europeans, graylaw, mitsubishi, mycroft canner, nation-strat, servitors, set-sets, terra ignota, too like the lightning, utopians
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